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About the Prints

You can choose your prints on one of three substrates:

  • Canvas – This is the traditional look of artwork. Prints on canvas will look and have the texture of a classic canvas piece of art.
  • Lamination – This printing option is all about simplicity. The print is done on smooth high-quality vinyl and then laminated with a clear film for protection. Select this option when you want the image to be the forefront and have no textures.
  • Metal – Metal prints represent a very modern approach to displaying photos. These prints offer a flashy look that shows some of the metallic characteristics of the surface through the photo. Select this option for the most modern look.

About the Photographer

Ted 7

The exquisite images on Top of the Car come to you by Ted 7. Ted is a well-known automotive photographer in Southern California who’s unique style has catapulted him to the top ranks of the auto photoshooting niche. His work has been the staple of Gold Rush Rally, Car Ninja and numerous publications.

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